Healing Art

Art has a profound effect on the body, mind and soul. Please visit Planet Calamari Art & Publishing for one of a kind artisan jewelry, spirit dolls, mixed media, healing art dolls books and on-line Do It Yourself art classes.

Spirit Being Art Dolls

The Empress

Dances with Sticks

The Spirit Being art dolls are inspired by walking through nature, fairy tales and those mystical forces that surround us. They may be thought of as medicine dolls, folk art, shaman spirits, healing dolls and magicians in art form.

Spirit dolls are created with treasures found in nature such as gathered sticks, twigs, shells, moss and feathers. Recycled yarns, fabrics, glass beads and semiprecious stones were used to create this series. Spirit Being jewelry is hand sculpted from biodegradable paper clay, painted and adorned with glass beads, semi-precious stones, sea shells and recycled sari ribbon.

Each Spirit Being is unique. charged with prayers, healing light and a touch of magic. Eco-friendly art for a sacred space, yoga studio, holistic medical office or your home.

Boo Boo Babe Art Dolls

The Boo Boo Babe Art Dolls came to be after i experienced a series of surgeries, accidents, broken bones, ribs and lots of boo boos over the past few years. These therapy dolls are a whimsical approach to dealing with physical and emotional pain on all levels as well as childhood trauma and abuse. Inspired by the many books written for adult children of parents with narcissistic personality disorders. May these dolls provide a touch of comfort and laughter to all in need. xoxoxo jeanie

Whimsical stuffed art dolls created with fabric, fiber, new polyfill, beads, semi-precious healing stones and found objects by artist jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA. See the entire line of Boo Boo Babes by clicking here.

Watch the Planet Calamari Boo Boo Babe debut on Youtube.

Not intended as toys for children.